And that's a wrap. Point, shoot, orchid and peel inside. Sieis album 5 is finished. Thanks for checking out my aural exploration of the creative undertow.

♠ Sieis 5

  • Sieis Soundtracks is a collection of ephemeral soundtracks. It spawned in 2011 from the longer form fna show podcast and is a part of The Creative Undertow, a Podcast Network
  • Sieis Soundtracks is organized into 10 track albums. Each album is a separate season; Sieis 5 (episodes 41-50) began production in fall 2019, and concluded with the release of Tereles in January 2020.

♥ Tereles

  • Tereles was recorded and produced by Eamonn Cottrell in 2019.

♣ The Creative Undertow 

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